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Few little facts about Staines

Staines is a THames-side town in Surrey. There has been a crossing of the River Thames at Staines since Roman times. The emperor Claudius sent the Romans into Britain in 43 A.D and they settled in Staines the same year. The Roman name for Staines was "ad Pontes" (plural "at the bridges") implying that there was more than one bridge and it is believed that these bridges traversed Church Island. Staines appears on the Middlesex domesday map in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Stanes. It was held by Westminster Abbey.

The situation of Staines as a major crossing point over the River Thames, its position on the main road from London to the southwest, and its proximity to Windsor has led to the town being involved in national affairs. The barons assembled there before they met King John at Runnymede in 1215, and Stephen Langton held a consecration there shortly after the issue of Magna Carta.

Staines was the major producer of linoleum, a type of floor covering, after the formation of the Linoleum Manufacturing Company in 1864 by its inventor, Frederick Walton. The term 'Staines Lino' became a worldwide name but the factory was closed around 1970 and is now the site of the Two Rivers shopping centre. Staines was the site of the Staines air disaster in 1972, at the time the worst air crash to have occurred on British soil, until the Lockerbie disaster of 1988.

BUPA (healthcare), LogicaCMG (telecommunications and IT consultants) have major offices in Staines.

Exterior shots of the ITV sitcom Is It Legal? were filmed in Staines.

The old opening sequence for ITV's GMTV morning program was filmed at the old market square outside the former Town Hall.

Some of the famouse residents of Staines include:

The Lucan Family (at Laleham Abbey until the 1930s)

Matthew Arnold

Norman George Lorimer Hunter (Author)

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