christmasWhen we think of Christmas, we think about being at home, celebrating with our nearest and dearest. In all the planning and preparations, our offices and commercial premises tend to get forgotten. However, December is the perfect time to have a sort out and declutter of the office.

Christmas-ClutterChristmas is just weeks away now, which means plenty to sort out before the big day arrives. Amidst the shopping, cooking, card writing and gift wrapping, sorting out the house can often get forgotten. Yet starting off with a clean, tidy and, above all, organised house will make the festive season much easier to plan and enjoy.

A basement clearance in Tower HamletsThe average basement is the equivalent to a Castle's, oubliette, a place to put things to forget about them. The downside is that the basement soon fills up with all those things you didn't want to lose because they might be useful one day.


Kitchen rip outAnyclear took on a job in the Battersea area, a kitchen rip out. Unfortunately the rip out revealed a major infestation of rats and mice. They were into everything and it would appear this was down to neglect by the previous tennants.

Hoarding in KnightsbridgeMrs Jenkins was over the moon today after years and years of hoarding by her husband he finally agreed to have a clear out in their town house in Knightsbridge... the Anyclear team made a lady very happy today!

Tree cuttingsAnyclear had a call to clear these tree cuttings today... This is what happens when the less repuytable house clearance, tree surgeon, companies are used, it gets made into somebody else's problem.