IMG-20131004-00698We take supporting hoarders very seriously. Something we have to take a lot of care, and time over.

Kitchen rip outEvery kitchen is different. We know from experience this is never just routine. It might be tempting to just get in there and smash away. That is about the last thing you should do.

A garage in Bromley

Garages are a good dumping ground for stuff you're not quite sure you want to do with but don't want to throw away.

Graden clearanceWe were called to a house in Croydon to do a garden clearance. First reaction was where had the garden gone!

It didn't take long to move the stuff and sort out what was. Fortunately this was a semi detached house which made access easier.

Every year an estimated 17.5 billion plastic bags are given away by supermarkets. This is enough plastic to cover an area the size of London twice with a layer of bags.

Just think of that and just think of how much rubbish ends up being carried in all those 17.5 billion bags !!

These days many people find the beach in a mess and all of us want to enjoy a rubbish free holiday and maintain nature unspoiled by human hands. For the safety of everyone and the enjoyment all of us must be ready to fight the rubbish on the beaches and landing grounds, we will never surrender our principle to maintain our green and pleasant land !!