3 tonnes of timberThe Anyclear team recycled over 3 tons of timber for 87 year old Mr James in Banstead today he was so happy the timber was going to be re-used and not just Junked like another so called house clearance company was going to do. he said its nice to see a proper recycling company doing what it says on the tin... Bless him. 


A loft clearance in Kingston Upon ThamesAny clear undertook this loft clearance, it was in the Kingston area KT1 / TW10. First we made sure that all the stairwell and corridors we're correctly covered over with dust sheets we provided.

A lot of CDs CH on CD ......... The anyclear team cleared over 11000 cd's today on a house clearance/hoarding clearance case from a one bedroom flat in kingston... thankfully the Patel family had found good homes for most of them... Keeping it next time on RECORD!!!

House clearance in South Kensington

House clearance is something we always take care over as we're dealing with somebody's home. When we're working with somebody who has a condition such as compulsive hoarding then a lot of care is needed.

Garden clearanceMrs Trudham had just recently completed on this place and was really looking to get this garden cleared and sorted. There were, believe it or not some delicate plants amongst all the rubbish that they wanted to keep so we had to be really careful.

Fulham basement gardenWe were called to a job in Fulham to clear a basement garden. You could see the ground for sheds, weeds and bags of rubbish. We kid you not.