Garden clearanceMrs Trudham had just recently completed on this place and was really looking to get this garden cleared and sorted. There were, believe it or not some delicate plants amongst all the rubbish that they wanted to keep so we had to be really careful.


Did I mention that there was an old, custom build, long decayed truck in the middle of this garden? We did manage to take what was left and get it into our rather newer and definitely serviceable truck.

Garden clearanceWe had to be careful where we walk and stepped and some of the stuff was quite awkward. There was some dismantling to do but as we carry a toolkit this wasn't a problem, we're not the sort just to smash everything up as quite often you find there are things that can be reused, certainly recycled.

The important part is that once we had cleared the rubbish away and raked up to get rid of all the small stuff Mrs Trudham had a garden she could turn into a little paradise.