Kitchen rip outEvery kitchen is different. We know from experience this is never just routine. It might be tempting to just get in there and smash away. That is about the last thing you should do.


It takes a little thought and planning and a full set of tools. The first thing is to remove the contents of the cupboards, fridges and yes, ovens. We take the white goods out carefully as there is every chance these can be refurbished. If not then they need to be disposed of properly. The fridges especially so. Some of the older ones we have to be really careful with as damaging any of the pipework could cause old style coolant leak.

Ripped out kitchenOnce the electrics are all safe we can get on with removing the units. We unscrew these as just pulling and wrenching is likely to damage walls or floors. Takes a little longer but it's worth doing right.

Everything was cleared to the lorry then we got down to cleaning up and leaving everything tidy.