Clearing a house is one of life's less appealing tasks. Often, there are belongings going back years, if not decades to sort through, and junk that fills several skips needing to be taken away. Tackling such a mammoth task alone is not recommended. House clearance companies are experts in sorting out items, assessing them for value, knowing how and where to dispose of rubbish and cleaning up as they go to leave a spotless, tidy and, above all, sorted house at the end of the process.

 So, how do they do it? Here we reveal some Anyclear secrets, as we uncover what goes on at a typical house clearance.

Assessing the job

When a customer first calls us at AnyClear, we arrange a time to visit them to see what needs to be done. At this appointment, we can gauge the size of the house to be cleared and it location, the kind of contents involved, whether anything is valuable enough to need  valuing or taking to auction and any potential risks, such as hazardous waste or tricky access points. Then, once we're happy that we can do the job and you're satisfied with our quoted price, we arrange a date to get started.

Getting started

Our team of experts will arrive with all the equipment and transport they need to clear out the house. We will treat your property with total respect, working with you or your chosen representative to sort though everything. We will make sure belongings that are to be kept are stored safely away from the junk, to avoid breakages or things getting muddled up. We will go at your pace, so if you find it overwhelming at any point, we will stop to allow you to take stock of our progress.

Sorting through the contents

We can help you go through all the items in the house and work out whether to keep them, throw them away, send them to charity or sell them. We can advise on auction houses and suitable avenues to try and get as much money as possible for anything of value that you decide to sell. We will carefully pack up everything else, or move it to its new position in the house, cleaning and dusting as we go.

Disposing of the junk

Once everything has been sorted, we load up the rubbish and remove it to be disposed of safely, ethically and legally. We handle all red tape, for example when getting rid of old electrical goods or chemical waste. We can also advise you on the potential value of items and look into selling or rehoming them on your behalf. We will never send anything to scrap that can be recycled or put to another use.

Moving on

House clearance can be an emotional process for all kinds of reasons. Our intention is to relieve you of the heavy lifting and donkey work so you can save your emotional energy for making important decisions about the contents that will allow you to move on practically and psychologically. We take away all the junk after we finish, so you are just left with your newly cleared house, ready for you to redecorate, move into or sell as you choose.