garden junk clearance


An untidy, or overgrown garden can leave an unwanted impression about the occupants of a house or business premises. Unkempt weeds, stagnant ponds, dirty surfaces and piles of junk everywhere detract from the garden's appearance and can even be dangerous to those attempting to use, or even enter it. Here are some tips to help keep the garden looking neat, tidy and welcoming.



Hard graft

It may not be what you want to hear, but the only reliable way to clear a garden is by hard work; rolling up the sleeves and working on the toughest areas first. Gather up broken bricks, stones, tiles, sheds etc. and take them straight to the dump. Clear out any outbuildings and get your lawn mower checked and serviced so you can mow the grass once it starts to emerge from all the debris.

Branching out

Enjoy immediate results by trimming overgrown branches and cutting back larger bushes and shrubs. Pile up your garden rubbish and get rid of it in an environmentally-friendly way. You can do this yourself if you feel able, or call in an expert who will know how to handle it and where to dispose of it safely. If you are levelling an area to grow grass, veggies or flowers, dig out as many roots as possible first and invest in some good quality compost to add nutrients to the soil.

Pond life

Water in a garden can give it sparkle and create a stunning focal point. Yet ponds, water features and fountains get murky very quickly without proper attention. Common problems include blanket weed and other invasive plants, as well as algae, limescale, fish waste and falling leaves. Keep water clear by investing in good quality pumps, keeping the surfaces clear of debris and weeding the areas around the feature regularly.

Safety first

Anyone responsible for a garden also has a duty to make sure it is safe for anyone who uses it. This can include residents and their visitors, contractors, postal workers and delivery drivers. Clearing roots or shifting items that pose a tripping hazard is one way to keep everyone safe, as is removing any animal waste and other hazardous substances like cleaning chemicals or weed killer. Clearing towering piles of junk will also help here, as this will remove the risk of items falling on visitors as they walk past.

Looking ahead

Once the garden is clear, you can have fun planning how you want it to look. Avoid using it as a dumping ground for bulky items or rubbish sacks from now on; sort things out right away rather than leaving them to sit around for an undetermined period of time. If the project seems too much for you to handle, there are experts available to help plan, clear, re-landscape and design your dream garden.