christmasWhen we think of Christmas, we think about being at home, celebrating with our nearest and dearest. In all the planning and preparations, our offices and commercial premises tend to get forgotten. However, December is the perfect time to have a sort out and declutter of the office.


Why sort out the office now?

Many companies and organisations see their work slow down in the run-up to the festive season, as customers, colleagues and suppliers take time off for the holidays. Even if this is not the case, the prospect of the end of the year coming up can act as a motivator to get sorted for the New Year.

Other companies choose to host Christmas parties and corporate get-togethers in their office. Being able to show off streamlined, tidy commercial premises helps create the favourable impression in their guests' minds of an organised, effective workforce.


Desks are a great place to begin the Christmas decluttering process, as everyone can get involved to sort out their workspace. Encourage people to tidy their own drawers, cupboards and filing cabinets, and to go through their paperwork to see what needs to be kept and what can be shredded and recycled.

Now is a good time to set up new box files, ready for the new paperwork of the year ahead. Don't forget to have a virtual sort out too by clearing out all unwanted emails, updating any online storage areas and going through your saved documents on the computer. Check your icons, shortcuts and programmes too; do you really need everything you currently have stored on your computer desktop?

Shared areas

Receptions, halls, staff rooms and kitchens can get cluttered up very quickly as people fail to tidy up after themselves after a break. Make sure cupboards are cleared of out of date food and that all mugs and crockery are clean and stored safely away. Make sure the furniture is arranged to keep pathways clear and is in a good enough condition to reflect how you want your office to appear.

Clear old newspapers and magazines from waiting rooms too, just keeping current issues for visitors to enjoy. See to it that plants have been watered and throw away any dead ones. Put boxes of stationery, printer paper etc. away out of sight.

In depth clearing

If it has been a long time since you have tackled the clutter in your commercial premises, you will need to plan a larger-scale clearing operation. Consider booking a day in the diary when everyone dresses in old clothes and spends the day decluttering the whole area, all working together. You could hire a skip, consider renting external storage or get a professional junk removal company in to help with the task and manage the process for you.

Afterwards, once everything is sorted and streamlined, create a rota to help everyone keep things neater in the office, going forward. Having clearer spaces to work inย  will keep people motivated and keen to maintain them.