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Few little facts about Holloway

The origins of the name Holloway are disputed. Some believe that it derives from Hollow or Hollow way, due to a dip in the road caused by the passage of animals and water erosion, as this was the main cattle driving route from the North into Smithfield. Others believe the name derives from Hallow and refers to the road's historic significance as part of the pilgrimage route to Walsingham. No documentary evidence can be found to support any either derivation.

Until the 19th century, the area was predominantly rural but as London expanded in the second half of the 19th century, it became well built up.

Holloway is home to HMP Holloway in Parkhurst Road, which was first built in 1852,originally housing both male and female prisoners, but since 1902, it has housed only women and is the UK's major female prison. Prisoners that have been held at the original prison include Ruth Ellis, Isabella Glyn, Christabel Parkhurst and Oscar Wilde.

Arsenal Football Club have moved, after 93 years at Highbury to a new stadium at Ashburton Grove in Holloway. It was informally known as Ashburton Grove until a naming rights deal with Emirates Airline was announced. The stadium opened in the summer of 2006.

The area is home to many artists and people who work in the media, including many journalists working in film and TV. It is also known as a prominent hotspot for many of London's graffiti artists.

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