House clearance Hackney E2 and E8

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Few little facts about Hackney

Hackney Central is the central district of London Borough of Hackney. It is also the name of a Hackney Central Ward, and Electoral division f Hackney Council. The name Hackney derives from a 5th or 6th century Saxon settlement known as Haca'sey or raised ground in marshland. This was due to proximity of Hackney Brook and was probably located on the higher ground around the later St. Augustine's Tower.

Hackney Central is the area that once would have been known as Hackney Village. This was a place that flourished from Tudor period, when principal members of the Court had their houses in the surrounding area and King Henry VIII of England had a palace.

The Narrow Way (Church Street) remains a vibrant shopping area and there is a large supermarket Tesco in nearby Morning Lane. The Hackney Tesco site is currently subject to planning consultation that will see a multi-story shopping center (with parking beneath and housing above) erected on the site, planned to open in 2011. A former Burberry Factory building is also located off Morning Lane, with a "factory outlet" that is considered Hackney's most visited tourist attraction.

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