House clearance Edmonton N18

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Few little facts about Edmonton

Edmonton is an area in the east of London Borough of Enfield. The northern part of Edmonton is known as Lower Edmonton and southern part as Upper Edmonton.

In the first three months of 2008 five young men were murdered, most of them victims of knife crime. The area has become known as 'Shank Town'.

Since 1960's Edmonton has been transformed from predominantly White working class industrial suburb into a multi cultural area by Commonwealth immigrations and in recent years asylum seekers.

In 2008 the Edmonton Green Ward has been identified as having one of the highest number working age adults living on state benefits in the UK.

John Keats, the poet was apprenticed to surgeon Dr.Hammond in Church Street between 1810 - 1816. The house was demolished in 1931 to be replaced by Keats Parade.

Edmonton was the home town of Sir James Winter Lake, director of the Hudson's Bay company.

The video for 'The Lost Prophets' song 'Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja' was filmed in a car park at Edmonton Green.

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