A complex and sensitive condition, hoarding goes beyond living in daily clutter into realms of compulsively collecting – often one type of thing – and just not being able to throw it away.

The end result can be a home that is completely disfunctional. anyclear has experience in clearance of premises where hoarders live, and the knowledge of how to work with people who suffer from the disorder. We are often called in to deal with a hoarding clearance by a relative or third party. If necessary we can put clients in touch with medical professionals working in this field.

Using a professional house clearance company makes the process much easier and more efficient for all involved. Compulsive hoarders often come to terms with the condition by dealing with a professional company with experienced, co-operative and sympathetic staff.

Additional services
offers a complete range of clearance and cleaning services, giving you the convenience and peace of mind of dealing with just one company.

  • disposal of hazardous waste
  • extreme cleaning of whole premises
  • eradicate pests and vermin

What do people hoard?
Often people hoard things with little or no monetary value, and eventually their home becomes a place where it's no longer possible to live or use in the normal way.

  • Extensive clutter - a variety of items that other people consider useless
  • Books - a hoarder of books is suffering from bibliomania
  • Animals - can cause health issues for both animals and humans
  • Digital files - photos, music, useless files
  • Food - stored in refrigerators and cupboards
  • Also - newspapers, magazines, clothes, craft materials, ornaments, toys, dolls, videos, technology, tools, home wares, information


Help for Hoarders



  • Not sure about access? We will sort it out – just tell us when you call
  • Don't know what to do with all the rubbish? We will sort the junk from the treasures, take away the rubbish, recycle and reuse whatever we can